Invicta Youth – “We teach our youth that adversity is an opportunity to build courage which enables growth”

Invicta Youth – VISION statement

We are passionate and committed to initiate positive changes in the lives of our youth where they feel empowered to live with purpose and meaning.


Invicta Youth – MISSION statement

Our mission is to grow Invicta Youth into a brand that is recognized globally for its passion, authenticity and committed approach to making positive changes in the lives of our youth.


Invicta Youths Core VALUES 

Authenticity – The Invicta Youth family is committed to being real and openly authentic both to ourselves and our community above all.

Passion – Passion, intensity and drive is how we show up each day.

Commitment – We are action orientated and totally committed to our vision and mission… we live and breath to action change!

Courage –  We see adversity as an opportunity to grow and with Courage we can overcome anything.