Who am I?

About Richard KellyMy name is Richard Kelly, I was born in the city of Durban, South Africa.

I have been extremely fortunate in my life in that I had the opportunity of playing professional rugby, leading and then later coaching many teams; achieved my black belt in JKA karate; traveled the world; completed a business degree and worked my way up through the ranks to become a director in an international business. As with any success, we all know that many hurdles are faced and many challenges overcome.  My journey was fraught with challenges and set backs.  I learned that a person’s ability to interact socially, communicate and deal with people at all levels and to nurture your emotional intelligence was crucial. Most importantly i learned quickly that developing heaps of courage and determination to get you through the tough times as well as having a dream and goals were essential tools that I would need to achieve high level success. These are not life lessons that any text book or curriculum can teach you.

I was not the most talented sportsman or the child with the highest IQ, in fact I struggled through school and oftentimes faced ridicule that my dreams were far too big for what I had the capability too achieve. I learned that hard work, courage and tenacity were critical corner stones to becoming successful and in most cases can only be gained through experience. Nothing can prepare a young man for that desperate feeling when reality hits home and knowing you have to dig deep within yourself and climb over the mountains of adversity and that no one is going to do it for you!

It was through tragic injury in rugby that I learnt these hard life lessons early on in my life and that the hard times were a common denominator in the journey of the few that wanted to, or were prepared to push through to achieve great success! Learning this from my mentors and role models at a young age is something that has been crucial to my development as a person! I look back at these people now and feel a great sense of gratitude. I feel my life’s purpose is to give back what I was fortunate to get back then.  This is what Invicta-Youth stands for.

I want our young men to learn early what I have learnt through years of hard life lessons, mistakes and hardships. At Invicta Youth we are extremely passionate about planting these seeds of knowledge through carefully selected experts, life coaches and people who have risen above adversity to become successful!

We believe that working with young men in the age group 13 to 18 years is best as they not only do they have the greatest potential to become incredible adults but are also at the most vulnerable and confusing stage in their lives! This is the age where good role models, guidance, mentorship, the importance of making good decisions and leadership outside of the standard school curriculum is vital.

Richard Kelly
(Invicta Youth – Founder)