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Overcoming Adversity – Ky Thorson
2 years ago

Overcoming Adversity (By Ky Thorson) When overcoming adversity some of the biggest challenges include fear, perseverance, courage and low self esteem. The first challenge when overcoming adversity is to face your fear and recognise and accept …

Invicta Youth – Pics from our last focus group
2 years ago

Hi Guys We had the most awesome evening with our Invicta-Youth teen mentorship focus group last Wednesday. The subject we covered with the boys was “first impressions” and why this is so important in life …

The Oak tree
The Boy & the Tree
2 years ago

One day, many years ago a young boy left his house in the morning and started his daily routine walk to school. The walk took him through a beautiful Forrest and over a bubbling stream …

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The Power of Teen mentorship
2 years ago

The power of true mentorship, especially that rare relationship between mentor and teenager fueled with a willingness or mutual respect  could just be the igniter of that young persons greatness. When a role model takes …

Self discipline in teenagers
3 years ago

The benefits of self discipline speak for themselves. The simple endevour of becoming self disciplined is hard enough but this is where the magic of learning lies! In a teenagers world which is filled with …

Invicta-Youth program Pics with the champ Ian Jacobs
3 years ago

Pics with 3x World Kick Boxing Champ Ian Jacobs The boys learned from the Champ Ian Jacobs that to get to the top needs commitment, passion, dedication and most importantly to have a dream and …

Why your teenager needs a good role model
3 years ago

Why your teenager needs a good role model? It may seem obvious to some but how do we actually provide support to help our teens find a good role model? I’ve written about this in …

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What the Invicta-Youth program is all about
3 years ago

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” As the founder of Invicta-Youth i am extremely excited to announce that our 1st Invicta-Youth program has finally been confirmed and will …

Finding your inner beast
3 years ago

At some point we all look to make changes to our “selves” that will improve or enhance our lives… i.e. A life transformation!  Truth is there’s no easy way but if you can find an …